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2009-06-19 12:40 am
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I gave in, I was curious. So I'm here now. Hello!
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2009-06-19 01:00 am

Hardest part

Hardest part is finding everyone again. I granted access/subscribed to a bunch of people. Feel free to do the same. I'm good with it.
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2009-06-19 01:14 am

Star Trek reboot

You just have no idea how much I am in love with Kirk/McCoy right now. So much. If they didn't have a Kirk/McCoy community here I might have cried. Karl Urban is and has always been so damn hot. He was totally hilarious as Bones too. Bones was always my favorite character from TOS and he still is in the reboot.
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2009-06-19 01:26 am

Water aerobics and exercise

Man, this teacher is a killer. She works us so hard in that class we are all exhausted by the time it's over. Exhausted and hungry. I always try to eat an hour or two before class, but I am so hungry by the time it is over.

The instructor teaches water aerobics at another fitness club too. I've taken her classes there, but it's nothing like these classes she gives at the local college. I like them, I feel like I'm really getting a workout. It's like you've taken a step aerobics class except you know in the water. I swear.

I'm going to the gym to. I joined a new 24 hour/7 days a week one. I'm trying to be more motivated about (re: not lazy) going to that. I went last night and nearly killed my self on the abs machine. I call it the "abinator". It's evil, but I do it anyway. My mom (my workout buddy) can't do it at all. Another woman said she couldn't either. So I'm proud I can do 10 reps on the thing. Go me!
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2009-06-19 01:45 am
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Slash Slut's Recs

You can find Slash Slut's Recs here too now. http://slash-sluts-recs.dreamwidth.org/
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2009-06-19 02:17 am
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How the heck do you edit a post you created in a community you maintain on Dreamwidth? I cannot for the life of me find the link. Off to the FAQ again. *sigh*

Edited: It was the stupid theme. It didn't include links for that. So I had to change the theme. The FAQ was no help at all, by the way.
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2009-06-19 02:40 am
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Damn, I love that new Bones icon.
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2009-06-19 06:40 pm

Swimsuits made of awesome

My swimsuit was finally delivered. It's so pretty and fits really well. I can't wait to wear it to water aerobics class and when we take our vacation @ the beach next month.